Olympic Roofing offers a variety of specialty roofing services in addition to our general roofing service offerings.

While we're proud to be the best roofing contractor in MA, NH, ME, and RI, we also cover everything in between and are highly experienced with chimney work, attic insulation and ventilation, transition walls, gutter repair, winter ice dam and roof snow removal, and many other unique home improvement projects.

Snow & Ice Dam Removal

When a home or roof shows signs of stress from snow (i.e. cracks in walls, doors and windows sticking), or if you begin noticing leaks due to the buildup of snow and ice, we are experienced at removing snow from your roof. We will remove snow from key portions of your roof, or in some cases your entire roof.

Ice dams are a dangerous effect of poorly insulated attics and roofs. Ice dams form when attic temperatures melt the snow on the roof, which then turns to ice when cooler night temperatures arrive. Ice dams can also form from the backup of ice in your gutters. Ice dams are dangers, and can cause damage to shingles and result in a roof leaks. We perform ice dam removal and offer key advice to help to reduce prevent ice dams from forming in the future.

The price for snow removal is dependent upon the project. Please conact us for an accurate quote. Credit cards accepted.

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Algae & Lichen Removal

Algae and lichen can and will damage your roof. Once it scars the roof there is no turning it back. You need to be pro-active and kill the algae before it spreads and causes permanent damage. Do you have dark/black or green stains or streaks on your roof? If yes, you could have an algae or linchen problem that will damage your roof. Once it scars the roof there is no turning it back. You need to be pro-active and kill the algae before it spreads and causes permanent damage.

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Chimney Services

Your home's chimney is an important part of your exterior and overall roof system. Olympic Roofing specializes in chimney repair, chimney inspection, and even chimney restoration and chimney cleaning to ensure that your roof and home are protected and safe from the environment and other hazards. Particular attention should be given to the cement cap on your chimney and the two feet below it. These areas are the most exposed to the weather and tend to be the first to deteriorate.The cement cap will crack and the cement turns sandy allowing water to penetrate. Olympic Roofing can perform the necessary masonry to resolve the problem.

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Roof Flashing & Transition Walls

Roof Flashing is sheet metal or other water resistant material that is installed at any break in a shingled roof line to prevent leaks. It is also placed around sewer vents, flue pipes, and skylight. A properly functioning transition wall guides water to specific drainage points, and protects your home from water intrusion and mold growth. Whether you are adding an addition or need flashing replacement, Olympic Roofers are standing by to help.

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Gutter Installation & Repair

  • We install several types of gutters on any home or building. A gutter is an essential part of your exterior drainage and the safety of the areas below. Gutters come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, and is a necessary part of your homes water management.
  • Gutter maintenance is important to the overall draining system of your roof and and home. Serious home damage will ensue if care is not taken with the gutter system. We provide service and information on proper gutter upkeep.
  • We will provide maintenance, gutter repair, and additional information for homeowners on how to properly install and clean your gutter system.

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Roof Heating Cables

Roof heating cables are a modern solution to ice dam removal and prevention. We proudly offer a state-of-the-art heating cable system for your roof and gutters to help prevent and eliminate ice dams from forming. Heat cables homeowners the ability to melt snow and ice on their roof, ensuring an ice dam will not form in a vulnerable location on your roof or in gutters.

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Roof & Attic Ventilation

Ventilation of the roof and attic are essential to the overall longevity of your home. A properly ventilated home will help regulate the temperature of your attic. If the attic is too hot in the winter ice dams will form, and if too hot in the summer the shingles will be damaged, which could lead to roof leaks. Proper ventilation helps improve energy efficiency, saving you money in the long run.

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