Ensuring that your home has proper attic insulation and attic ventilation is vital to maintaining your roof, especially during months of extreme weather. If your attic is poorly ventilated or insulated, it can result in extreme attic temperatures that will negatively impact your roof. Varying temperature changes can result in dangers roof conditions that include wear and tear on your roof shingles, roof damage, and even snow and ice buildup in the winter resulting in ice dams. Here at Olympic Roofing, we are experts in proper attic ventilation processes, and can help you ensure that your home and roof are in proper condition to last a very long time. We will be happy to carry out a proper inspection of your current ventilation system before beginning roof construction to notify you of any potential ventilation or insulation issues.

  • Your roof and home rely heavily on attic insulation and attic ventilation
  • A home that is properly ventilated regulates the temperature of the attic with outdoor temperatures.
  • A home’s attic should be no more than 15 degrees above or below outside temperature.
  • An attic that is too hot in the winter will allow for ice dams to form.
  • If an attic is too hot in the summer the shingles will lose structural integrity, which can decrease their longevity by as much as 50%.
  • Proper attic ventilation helps homeowners achieve energy efficiency, which saves homeowners a significant amount of money.