Solar systems to bring lower energy costs to homeowners supporting green initiatives this spring.

Ops Quarterly Meeting for Vivint Solar

With an increased focus on environmental issues, many home owners are seeking progressive energy solutions. Olympic Roofing is making it easier for homeowners to install solar systems in 2017.Benefits of photovoltaic solar systems include:Lower Your Energy Bill Because the home owner becomes their own energy provider, they take less energy from the grid which will vastly reduce electric bills. Often times, solar energy producers are able to feed power back into the grid and earn credits from their local utilities.Energy Independence Homeowners do not need to rely solely on “the grid” to receive their power. The obvious advantage is that residents are not subject to unexpected price increases caused by fluctuating energy … [Read more...]

Olympic Roofing partners with Wells Fargo to put a new roof in reach for more homeowners.


Olympic Roofing, one of New England’s oldest and most experienced professional roofing companies, is thrilled to partner with Wells Fargo Bank to offer special financing for homeowners who would like to replace their roof or siding.Qualifying homeowners can borrow up to $35,000 and may qualify for 0% introductory financing.A new roof or siding job can lower your heating costs, prevent ice dams, improve the aesthetics of your property and increase the resale value of your home.Find out if you qualify by calling 800-535-4312. … [Read more...]

Ice Dams be Gone!


New Englander's can breath a sign of relief this spring there is a product on the market that offers a solution to the catastrophic ice dam problem that nearly every home/business owner in New England faced this past winter.  Olympic will soon be offering a radiant roof melting system from Heated Roof Systems Inc. This inovative technology uses a concealed snow melt 'Roof Rescue Mat' placed under the roofing material. The system works with asphalt, synthetic slate and shake shingles. For more information on this exclusive technology check out the manufacturer's website at: … [Read more...]

Roof Snow be Damned!


Mother nature has dumped nearly 6 feet of snow on much of New England over the past three weeks and now, to add insult to injury, there rain in the forecast. Rain is a threat to the snow packed roofs which will soak up the moisture and possibly cause roofs to buckle under the added weight.What should a home or business owner do to ward off a roof collapse and further damage from ice dam build up?Home or business owners with a flat roof or a slightly pitched roof should make every effort to remove the snow weight prior to the warmer temperatures and precipitation. Whether you invest in a roof rake or enlist the help of a professional to handle the job, it is imperative that the snow pack be removed. Insurance claims have been piling … [Read more...]

FEMA Guidelines on Snowload


New England has been struck by a number of major snowstorms in the past few years that have resulted in building failures and other catastrophic events. As a result, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has prepared a set guidelines for the benefit of property owners, building/facility managers, homeowners, emergency managers and others to use in the event of a snow emergency. The agency prepared a document (see link below) that discusses mitigating damage to roof systems from excessive snow weight. Snow calls are going through the roof as is referenced in this Boston Herald article. FEMA Snowload Guidelines … [Read more...]

Prevent Roof Collapse: Remove Snow & Ice


We are well on our way toward breaking record snowfalls in the month of February but residents should take preventive steps to protect their roof from collapsing under the weight. Emergency crews have already responded to disasters such as occurred at this apartment community in Nashua, New Hampshire. Nashua Roof collapse If you are unable to use a roof rake to remove the snow on your own, Olympic has crews available to do the dirty work. Price dependent on project. Contact us for an accurate quote. Credit cards accepted.Contact Us Today HOW MUCH SNOW IS TOO MUCH FOR YOUR ROOF? The Blizzard of 2015 is now burying New England with 2 1/2 to 3 feet of snow. That's a lot of weight for your roof to bear! Olympic Roofing is here to help … [Read more...]

OSHA 10-Training


This 10-Hour Hazard Recognition Training for the construction industry focuses on construction-related work dangers such as Fall Protection, Personal Protective Equipment, Scaffolding, OSHA Inspection Procedures and more. The monthly course is taught by an OSHA Certified Instructor at our Topsfield location at 462 Boston Road. Whether you need training to meet employer or CEU requirements, this course will teach you important OSHA construction standards for compliance. The OSHA 10-hour training helps worker recognize and reduce the risks of job site hazards.OSHA requires safety training on all commercial sites. Our training is taught by a certified OSHA representative and covers specific OSHA regulations and requirements as they apply … [Read more...]

Battling the Winter Water Pipe Blues


Taking a few precautions to prevent frozen pipes this winter will save you a lot of aggravation in the long run.Disconnect and drain the outdoor hoses. Insulate pipes or faucets in unheated areas. Install “heat tape” or “heat cable” on exposed pipes. Seal off access doors, air vents and cracks. Locate and mark the master shutoff valve. Check with your water company for winter tips.What if it's too late? If you suspect that your pipes are frozen you can try to thaw the area out yourself. DO NOT attempt to use a torch with an open flame. The house could catch on fire or you could overheat a single spot and cause the pipe to burst. The best tool for a homeowner to use is a hair dryer on a low setting. Wave the warm air back … [Read more...]