Chimney Repair & Cleaning

The majority of the chimneys in New England are constructed with brick and lead flashing. Every time roof repair jobs take place, the lead is disturbed and potentially damaged. When we perform a roof inspection, we will evaluate the condition of the chimney lead, the chimney mortar, and the overall condition of the chimney. If we feel that it will not hold up we will then recommend that it be replaced during the roofing project. We will also be happy to assist you with a chimney repair, or chimney cleaning and chimney sweeping services as part of our offering. A proper inspection of your chimney in it’s current condition before beginning roof construction will certainly be valuable for any homeowner in New England.

Chimney Lead

  • The chimney lead is the area at the base of the chimney connected to the rood. Every time a roof is constructed or replaced it’s necessary that the chimney lead be inspected for damage. Caulking or tarring the lead will only temporarily solve the issue. We recommend that ifdamage is apparent, the lead be replaced.

Chimney Cap

  • Chimney caps are made of materials including steel, stainless steel, copper or aluminum. Most models feature side screens that keep most birds and small animals out of the chimney and as well as containing larger sparks from exiting the chimney. Caps also assist in your chimney’s exposure to natural elements such as rain, wind, and snow.

Chimney Flue

  • A chimney flue is the chamber through which smoke, hot gases, and other by-products of combustion are vented out of the home. It is possible that a single chimney has several flues leading from different areas in the home. We provide inspection and repair of chimney flues, which helps prevent the possibility of fire.

Chimney Repair

  • Whether you are replacing your roof, adding an addition, or would like a review of your existing chimney, we will provide a free inspection. If we deem it as necessary, you may need a chimney repair. Often, old chimneys will show signs of deterioration when the mortar around the brick is crumbly and loose. These are perfect entry points for water. We re-mortar the joints and then clean the chimney with muriatic acid to give the chimney a new appearance.