Snow Removal:

Having a snow-free roof is crucial for preventing ice dams from developing underneath the snow. These ice dams ultimately cause leaking and other costly damages to both the interior and exterior of any house. It is also very important to remove excess weight off your roof. Just one foot of snow on your roof is equivalent to thousands of pounds of pressure. Leaving snow on your roof for an extended period can weaken your roof, and even cause cave-ins, which results in thousands of dollars in repairs. So don’t wait until it’s too late this year!

Ice Dam Solutions

Ice dams are an unwelcome winter roofing problem brought on by a combination of inadequate roof ventilation and a warm attic space. When ice dams are left untreated they can cause significant damage to a home undermining the roof, gutters, paint, insulation and drywall. We perform ice dam removal and make suggestions as to how to help to reduce internal roof issues leading to ice dams. This includes helping to improve attic and roof ventilation, airflow, insulation, gutters, installing heat cables, and ice shields. (As shown below.)

Heat Cables

We offer a heating cable system for your roof and gutters to help prevent and eliminate ice dams from forming. Heat cables give you the control to ensure that an ice dam will not form in a vulnerable spot on your roof or gutters.

For Ice Dam Prevention and Snow Removal

Price: $395.00 for up to 2 hours/2 men plus $85 per hour if needed.

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