Olympic Roof Maintenance Program - Insurance for your home.

Once warm weather has arrives, it's time to focus on the exterior of your home.

Proper roof maintenance will keep your home safe and help to avoid costly repairs later on.

Call Olympic Roofing today to schedule a free estimate or sign up for our Roof Maintenance Package for $295.00 that includes a 3 hour inspection with the following services:
  • Gutter repairs due to ice dams and Gutter Cleaning.

  • Inspect chimney flashing.

  • Inspect skylights.

  • Look at the ventilation see if it is aqueduct for the roof.

  • Determine the condition of the shingles (curling, cracking, missing).

  • Replace any blown off shingles or ridge caps.

  • Inspect for algae growth and recommend if ZINC strips are needed.

  • Make recommendations on roof including washing to remove algae which causes pre-mature failure of the roof.

  • Provide estimate for ZINC strips to be installed on the ridge line of the roof after cleaning.

  • Report any other unusual problems we may find such as water stains in eaves or overhangs.

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