Living in New England takes a toll on all roofing systems. Rubber roofs, shingled, metal and wood, all have different life spans, but at one point or another all will need repair. Olympic Roofing professionals are experts at all types of roof repair for both new and antique homes, buildings, and condos. Your roof is the primary defense against the elements and we understand the importance of such an investment. We make sure you understand the roof repair process and the reasoning behind each step. Call Olympic Roofing with any questions you may have, large or small, about your current roofing system. We would be happy to help you!

We will solve all your roofing needs, whether it’s a missing shingle or a leaking roof. Roof repairs are our area of expertise and we will be happy to help resolve any issue in a cost-effective way, while maintaining the highest quality of work.

  • Our dedicated team of professionals will handle all roofing emergencies and/or extensive repairs for any roof.
  • There is no project too big or small for Olympic.