Rubber roofing has become more popular today due to it’s recyclable qualities.

It’s a great alternative to conventional wood roofing as it is far more durable and flexible.

  • Superior Material for Waterproofing

  • Energy Efficient

  • Fireproof

  • Easy to Install and Repair

With changing weather conditions during the seasons, rubber roofing acts as a strong barrier to the elements. Rubber roofs are also a top choice when considering a material to use with a flat roof as other materials often witness leaks over time.

There are two types of rubber roofing;
  1. Whole Roof Systems use a single piece of seamless rubber to cover the entire roof.
  2. Shingled System are similar to other shingling layouts on steep roofs as rubber shingles are layered to provide a barrier between the home and the outdoors. Although being potentially more expensive, rubber roofs last longer than traditional asphalt or slate roofs and carry longer warranties.