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October 2, 2014
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October 30, 2014
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Safety Pays. Falls Cost.

Did you know?


•    Every year 100 construction workers are killed in the United States in falls from roofs and 1,300 are seriously injured.
•    In Massachusetts, half of on-the-job construction deaths were due to falls.
•    In most cases, the workers who fell were not using adequate protective gear.

Before signing a construction contract you should ask a few simple questions:

•    Are you licensed?
•    Do you carry workers compensation insurance?
•    Are your workers employees of your company ?
•    Will your workers be using fall protection such as lifelines or guardrails?

If the contractor answers no to any of these questions there is a chance that you could share the liability in the event of an accident on your property. You should look for a contractor who has the proper coverage and credentials.


Can you spot the safety hazard in the photo above?

1. Workers are NOT using fall protection – personal fall arrest system.
2. NO personal protective equipment.
3. IMPROPER make shift ladder.
4. IMPROPER lifting practice.
5. Falling material.
6. POOR housekeeping.

For more information about the National Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction and the Massachusetts FACE Project visit or www.Mass.Gov/dph/FACE.