Ice dams can be more than just a hassle for home owners.


Ice dams are more than just an irritation, they cause damage to the roof and shingles as wells as leaks, mold and water damage inside the home.We asked the experts at Olympic Roofing to find out why ice dams occur and what we can do to prevent them.“Most of the time, if you have ice dams, you also have a warm attic,” says George Vasiliades, company owner. He goes on to explain that having an attic that is improperly insulted or not vented correctly causes it to retain the heat that rises from inside the living quarters. “When snow lands on the roof, it’ll melt,” he says, “and when the water reaches the edges of the roof, where it’s much cooler, it will refreeze and become ice. That ice slowly builds up and what you have then is a … [Read more...]

Avoid costly repairs and safety hazards by removing snow from roofs.


Winter has arrived in New England with plunging temperatures and snow showers. For most homeowners, removing snow from their roof during the winter is unnecessary but if the season brings heavy snowfall - especially if it’s followed by rain - removing snow is a necessity to avoid damage to the roof, leaks, roof collapse or heavy snow falling from the roof and injuring people.Some residential homes and many commercial buildings have flat roofs that are designed to withstand the weight load brought on by heavy snow. But when winter throws more snow at a building than it was designed for it will need to be removed.A flat roof may be shoveled but it is important to identify the material that covers the roof before doing so or you will … [Read more...]