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Snow & Ice Dam Removal

We will remove snow from key portions of your roof, or in some cases your entire roof.

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Algae & Lichen Removal

Algae and lichen will damage your roof. You need to be pro-active and kill the algae before it spreads and causes permanent damage.

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Chimney Services

Olympic Roofing specializes in chimney repair, chimney inspection, and even chimney restoration and chimney cleaning to ensure that your roof and home are protected from weather.

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Roof Flashing & Transition Walls

Roof Flashing is used to prevent leaks. It is also placed around sewer vents, flue pipes, and skylight. Whether installing or repairing, we're ready to help.

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Gutter Installation & Repair

Serious home damage will ensue if care is not taken with the gutter system. We install several types of gutters and help maintain or repair them.

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Roof Heating Cables

Heat cables allows homeowners the ability to melt snow and ice on their roof so that an ice dam will not form in a vulnerable location. Let us design a solution for you.

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Roof & Attic Ventilation

If the attic is too hot in the winter ice dams will form, and if too hot in the summer the shingles will be damaged, which could lead to roof leaks. Let us help you save money in the long run.

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