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Metal Roofing in New England

At Olympic, we provide an array of metal roofing options for both residential homes and commercial buildings.

  • High Durability to all Weather Elements
  • Energy Efficient
  • Little to No Maintenance
  • Aesthetically Accents Parts of the Home

Why Choose Olympic For Interior Painting?

Our specialists will help you determine the correct design and material necessary for your home/buildings needs. Some of the benefits of a metal roof include durability, portability, snow shedding, low maintenance, as well as being lightweight, fireproof, and windproof. The most common forms of metal roofs in the New England area include ‘standing seam’ and ‘aluminum’. These types of roofs are most efficient in areas of high snowfall and extreme seasonal change. Aluminum’s lightweight characteristics, longevity, and energy efficiencies are deciding factors when choosing a metal roof. Want to see more examples? See our portfolio.


You can also use metal roofs to accent your current roof regardless of the current material. They can be installed over entryways, lower roofs, bays, and they are most commonly used for protective or aesthetic reasons. Copper roofing is another option typically used for accenting your current roof. It can be used over archways, bay windows, overhangs or other places that may be visually pleasing.

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